About Paranta

About Paranta

Paranta Biosciences Limited is an unlisted Australian biopharmaceutical company developing PB01 as a first-in class biotherapeutic for cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease, chronic kidney disease and other markets with high unmet clinical needs.

PB01, Paranta’s unique recombinant form of human follistatin-288, binds to and inhibits members of the TGF-β superfamily of cytokines, where it modulates the resulting inflammation, fibrosis and metabolic effects.

Paranta was established with the aim of commercializing intellectual property relating to pioneering research by Monash University on follistatin. This initial research has been pivotal for Paranta’s selection & subsequent clinical development of PB01.

Paranta Biosciences has a very strong and active collaborative relationship with Hudson Institute of Medical Research (previously Monash Institute of Medical Research) and affiliated medical and pharmaceutical institutes. This relationship provides the company with access to a broad range of clinical and scientific expertise to support the clinical development of PB01.

Paranta Team

Board of Directors
Mr Peter Hodgson
Chairman, Non-Executive Director
Professor David M. de Kretser AC MBBS, MD, HonLLD
Chief Scientist, Non-Executive Director
Dr John W. Raff Dip. AgSci, BSc, PhD
Non-Executive Director
Mr Austin S.E. Miller BSc, LLB, MBA
Non-Executive Director
Mr Ross Barrow BSc(Hons), MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Mr Brendan E. Brown BBus, CA
Company Secretary

The intellectual founding father of Paranta Biosciences who led the medical research team that first isolated follistatin and performed pioneering research on the structure, physiology and role of inhibins, activins and follistatin.

Professor David M. de Kretser

Corporate Timeline

Paranta Biosciences corporate timeline

Since the company commenced operations in 2011, we have reached many key milestones. Click through to see some of our major achievements.


US Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Development Award.

PB01 (inhaled) Phase 1 LPS challenge clinical trial completed in the UK. Safety & tolerability established in healthy volunteers.


PB01 (inhaled) phase 1 SAD / MAD clinical trial completed. Safety and tolerability established in healthy volunteers.


Paranta manufactures the first cGMP batch of PB01.

PB01 (i.v.) kidney disease research collaboration established with McMaster University, Canada.


Preclinical safety & toxicology studies for inhaled PB01 undertaken in Canada.


Efficacy established in preclinical models of lung disease.


First employee.


Company established.


Follistatin is discovered.