Medical Advisors


Associate Professor William Mulley

A/Prof. William Mulley is a renal transplant physician with a full-time clinical role at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia and is a Clinical Adjunct Associate Professor with Monash University. A/Prof. Mulley's research interests commenced with a PhD in transplant immunology at the Austin Research Institute and University of Melbourne and have continued in the Nephrology laboratories at Monash Health where he is involved in basic science research in inflammatory conditions of the kidney. A/Prof. Mulley also has active clinical research interests particularly in antibody mediated rejection and the balance between rejection and infection in transplant recipients. He is currently running a randomized clinical trial in chronic antibody mediated rejection. His clinical research has been supplemented by completing a Masters Degree in Clinical Research Methodology for which he was awarded the University Medal for Academic Excellence at Monash University.