Where is Paranta's corporate headquarters?

Paranta is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria.
The company's address is: Suite 549, 1 Queens Rd Melbourne, VIC 3004 Australia"

When was the company founded?

The company commenced operations in 2011 with the aim of commercialising intellectual property relating to pioneering research by Monash University on follistatin.

What does it mean to be an unlisted, public Australian company?

An unlisted public company is a company with greater than 50 non-employee shareholders, whose securities are not listed on a stock exchange, and is subjected to public company regulations including independent annual financial audits.

Has Paranta issued shares?


Who maintains Paranta's share register?

Paranta's share regiser is maintained by BoardRoom Pty Ltd Grosvenor Place, Level 12 225 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

Who is Paranta's auditor?

The Melbourne office of PwC Australia.

How do I receive email alerts from Paranta?

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Who can I contact for general information about Paranta Biosciences?

Paranta Biosciences Ltd
PO Box 33092
Melbourne, VIC 3004